Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos. Hyundai, a well-known South Korean carmaker, is set to make waves in the tiny SUV market with the upcoming 2025 Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover SUV. A blend of elegant looks and adaptable functions will support its appeal. A prominent front grille, a two-tone roof that is available, and distinctive aesthetic cues will all be present in the Hyundai Kona’s upcoming edition. The new Kona will stand out in its sector because to its striking looks.

The Kona’s inside features a well-designed layout with cosy seating combinations and an approachable infotainment system. Touchscreen displays, seamless smartphone integration, and the availability of cutting-edge safety technology may all be included in the list of features. The forthcoming Kona could include a variety of technical innovations, including sophisticated driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking, depending on the trim level and optional equipment that are selected.

Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, And Photos

The 2019 Kona is anticipated to include plenty of storage options, including cupholders, door pockets, and a storage box in the centre console. For a small SUV, the rear cargo area is anticipated to be noticeably roomy, and it frequently has a split-folding back seat to increase load space. Additionally, automatic climate control is probably a regular feature, allowing you to pick the temperature you desire while the system smoothly maintains it.

We encourage you to read this article in its entirety to get a thorough grasp of all aspects of the 2025 Hyundai Kona, including its release date, price, trim options, features, safety features, and more. We have made an effort to give you a thorough resource for all your Kona-related questions.

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Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Hyundai Kona Specs for 2025

Trim Limited
Model Year 2025
Body Type SUV
No. of Doors Four-Doors
No. of Rows Two-Rows
Seating Capacity Five-Passengers
Towing Capacity N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity N/A
Full Tank Fuel Range N/A
Fuel Economy N/A
Engine N/A
Power N/A
Torque N/A
Transmission N/A
Drivetrain N/A
Acceleration N/A
Top-Speed N/A
Official website

Hyundai Kona Redesign 2025

The Hyundai Kona’s first iteration was launched by Hyundai Motors in 2017 and went on sale for the 2018 model year. For the 2022 model year, the first-generation Hyundai Kona underwent a thorough facelift. For the 2023 model year, only modest changes were made. The Hyundai Kona’s second generation recently debuted as a 2024 model-year vehicle.

Hyundai Kona 2025 3

It’s important to note that Hyundai Motor is getting ready to unveil the new Hyundai Kona for the 2025 model year. The business hasn’t, however, formally released any verifiable information about this planned release. We are currently unable to provide accurate details about the Next Hyundai Kona, though we do anticipate that new features might be added to the 2025 model.

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Hyundai Kona 2025 4

Nevertheless, based on some information and reports, we can expect minor changes and possible new features in the upcoming Hyundai Kona. Given that the 2024 model year saw a significant overhaul, significant changes for the 2025 model year might not be anticipated. You may be sure that we will swiftly update this article with the most recent information if the manufacturer releases any information on the upcoming Hyundai Kona.

Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Release of the Hyundai Kona in 2025

Hyundai Motors has not yet announced the precise release date for the anticipated 2025 Hyundai Kona. However, according to rumours from the automotive sector, the following Hyundai Kona is predicted to hit the market in 2025. We don’t yet have particular information about the 2025 Kona’s booking specifics. You may be sure that we will swiftly post updates here as soon as Hyundai Motors makes any significant announcements on the release and booking dates for the upcoming Hyundai Kona.

Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Hyundai Kona Price in 2025

It is vital to keep in mind that Hyundai has not yet provided any official pricing information if you are interested in learning how much the upcoming 2025 Kona will cost. However, it is important to note that the previous design came in four different trim levels, with costs ranging from $25,435 to $32,985. It is projected that the trim structure for the 2025 model year would remain the same, despite a likely price hike.

Interior of a Hyundai Kona 2025

Specific information regarding the interior of the next Hyundai Kona is not yet accessible. However, we can expect that the interior of the upcoming Hyundai Kona will be painstakingly created to provide a cosy, modern, and useful area for both the driver and passengers.

Depending on the trim level choose, the Kona’s interior is likely to include a combination of premium components, such as soft-touch surfaces, fabric or leather upholstery, and elegant trim details, resulting in a generally stylish and modern atmosphere.

The upcoming Hyundai Kona is anticipated to shock with its roomy inside, delivering plenty of headroom and legroom for both front and back passengers, despite its tiny size. Most likely adjustable, the back seats allow you versatility in accommodating either extra passengers or goods. Additionally, Kona seats are anticipated to provide support and comfort, guaranteeing a pleasurable experience even on lengthy trips. Power-adjustable and heated seats may be included in higher-tier model levels, further boosting comfort.

The infotainment system, which is often equipped with a touchscreen display conspicuously mounted on the centre console, will be at the centre of its interior design. This system is made with user-friendliness in mind and is probably compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enabling smooth connection with smartphone apps for music, navigation, and other features. For top-tier Hyundai Kona models, a digital instrument cluster is a possibility, upgrading the whole technical experience by swapping out conventional analogue gauges for a programmable digital display.

Hyundai Kona 2025 Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Features for Connectivity and Infotainment

As you may already be aware, depending on the trim level and model year, the features of Hyundai Motors cars might change. Modern technology is frequently incorporated into the Hyundai Kona’s new model years to improve the driving experience and give passengers pleasurable entertainment while travelling. Even though we’ve said that the 2025 model year won’t see many changes, it’s realistic to assume that the new Hyundai Kona will have many of the same characteristics as its forerunner, with the potential for some new improvements. Here are some of the features you may look forward to in the 2025 model, based on our predictions:

  • using a touchscreen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • navigational aid
  • wireless charging for smartphones
  • technology for assisting drivers
  • connecting multiple devices
  • voice recognition for navigation
  • traffic data in real-time
  • Keyless entry and remote starting
  • a USB port
  • Blue Link connectivity for Hyundai
  • voice recognition software
  • high-end audio system
  • using Bluetooth technology
  • ability to use a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • cluster of digital instruments
  • updating software over the air
  • Syncing with the Blue Link mobile app

Features for Driver Assistance and Safety

The 2025 Hyundai Kona is anticipated to prioritise safety and have many of the same advanced safety features as its predecessor in order to guarantee a safe travel for the driver and passengers. Here are some safety measures that might be added for the 2025 model year at this time:

  • Emergency braking on demand
  • Warning for lane deviation
  • providing lane guidance
  • Blind-spot observation
  • Alert for rear cross traffic
  • Autonomous cruise control
  • High beam support
  • numerous airbags
  • children’s safety features
  • Traction and stability control
  • distribution of brake force electronically
  • Drivers, pay attention.
  • advanced driver assistance technologies
  • Ahead of crash caution
  • a system of many cameras
  • method for monitoring tyre pressure


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Exterior measurements

Length N/A
Width N/A
Height N/A
Wheelbase N/A
Ground-Clearance N/A
Curb-Weight N/A

Dimensions inside

Head-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Leg-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Shoulder-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Hip-Room (Front/ Rear) N/A
Passenger-Volume N/A
Cargo-Volume N/A