2024 Dodge Journey Redesign, Release Date & Price

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2024 Dodge Journey Redesign, Release Date & Price. Will there be a 2024 Dodge Journey? We expect that the latest generation of Dodge Journey will be available by the end of 2024, maybe in December.

In 2024 there are various releases of SUV cars. Some of them make it to the top-selling, but some cars fail to sell well and hit rock bottom. And it includes the Current Dodge Journey. It can’t compete with the other famous brand, but it also ranks in the bottom as an SUV car because there’re various problems.

To gain interest with consumers, there will be some change in the 2024 Dodge Journey that will be released this year.

2024 Dodge Journey Redesign & Updates – What’s New?

There will be a significant change in the 2024 Dodge Journey. This newest version will receive a new platform and change the drive configuration, from front-drive to real-wheel-drive. Dodge will make this car based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The New Dodge Journey will also change the exterior design that makes it look more aggressive than the current version.

Engine Specs, Performance & Fuel Economy

The Journey car doesn’t show excellent performance, or rather it’s one of its weaknesses. This car uses a 2,4-liter four-cylinder engine which is good enough for its 180 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque. However, with that power, most buyers find it not enough for the mid-SUV car even if the price is quite affordable. It makes the car doesn’t have enough power or acceleration when stepping the pedal.

As for the transmission, this car will use a six-speed automatic transmission for the standard drivetrain. This car spends 20 mpg of fuel in the city while on the highway, Dodge Journey’s fuel economy is 26 mpg.

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Another drivetrain that Dodge Journey offers is the 3-6 liter V6 engine. Unlike the engine before, this V6 engine is decent. When equipped with this drivetrain, the car will get power up as it has up to 305 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. And though it has higher power, the fuel consumption doesn’t get higher as the usual machine does.

With this V6 engine, the Dodge Journey spends about 17 mpg of fuel in the city, while on the highway, it spends 25 mpg of fuel consumption.

Exterior Updates & Dimension

The first one that people notice from the latest Dodge Journey is its aggressive look. Unlike the current version, the newer make a change so the car will look cooler. This car has a lower ride and new exterior paints. The set of the bumper and a headlight are also new. And as a result, it will boost this car’s aggressiveness to the max point. Aside from that change, there is no significant change in this SUV car’s exterior.

2024 Dodge Journey’s size is 192,4 inch which is standard for a middle-class SUV, but it looks bigger than its actual size. And compared to the other cars at the same level, this SUV’s size is larger than theirs. This car will offer more chrome trims, especially around the cross-hair grille and aluminum-alloy wheels.

2024 Dodge Journey Concept Design Future With New Grille

The newest version of the Dodge Journey will come with some trim model that has distinct exterior characters. The base version model has 18-inch alloys, while the RT model adds 19-inch rollers. The other model, crossroad bid roof rails, black-out wheel, and faux skid plates.

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2024 Dodge Journey Interior

Like the other mid-SUV, Dodge Journey has a three-row-seat that can contain seven people. However, albeit with its big size, the space between the seat is cramped. The front seat only barely reaches 40-inch f legroom, while the middle seat has only 36 inches of legroom, which is below average for the SUV car in the same class.

Having only 24 inches of legroom, the third seat is unusable for the adults and only available for the kids.

As for the seat’s materials, this car uses leather for the upper trim level, while in the base model, leather for the seat is optional. Unlike the other mid-size SUV car, the latest Dodge Journey has a tiny space for cargo. If the same class car’s standard volume is around 68 cubic feet, this car has only around 11 cubic feet, which are far below the other cars.

Even though this car has a problem in the interior space, the newest version of Dodge Journey can be proud of the quality of the interior. One thing that stands out the most is the dashboard. While the model may be a little outdated, the material is nice and decent.

Besides, it is also equipped with an 8.4-inch touch screen for the higher trims. The size of the base model touchscreen is 4,3 inches. Additionally, the control and button are easy to use and laid in the perfect place within the driver’s reach.


Basically, there is not too much change in the latest Dodge Journey’s features. In the base model, there are touch screens, a 6-speaker stereo, and a single USB port. The features in this SUV will get better in the higher trims. A navigation system, a rear-seat DVD player, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and six-speaker Alpine stereo are the features that can be found in the upper trims.

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One of the good points of the Dodge Journey is its safety. In this newest series, this car will add anti-locking brakes, traction, and stability control. And like the other cars, this SUV also features an airbag. In the future, all of these safety systems will be standard for the car from the Dodge Journey.

2024 Dodge Journey Price And Release Date

The company will release the newest Dodge Journey sometime in the last quarter of 2024. As this car is manufactured in Italy, there will be a slight increase in this car’s price. For the base model, the Dodge Journey will cost about $24,000.

The higher trims such as Journey RT, SRT, and Crossroad will be charged starting from $26,000 up to $35,000. That price is quite affordable considering that the Dodge Journey is a mid-SUV car.

The Dodge Journey car before this had some problems that made it can’t climb to the top-selling. With some upgrades and changes, the company believes that the 2024 Dodge Journey can compete with the other cars in the same level class.