2024 Nissan 400Z: Release Date, Specs & Price

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2024 Nissan 400Z: Release Date, Specs & Price. 2024 Nissan 400Z Should be introduced in late 2024 and going for sale in 2024. Nissan’s hard work to release the new Z-car after the 370Z redesign’s failure leads to many speculations, one of which is about the actual model of the car. The 380Z model is a widely rumored candidate for the upgrade, the Z35-series 400Z design’s revelation has shifted both buyers’ and sellers’ focus to this model.

Nissan’s determination to release a full upgrade for one of its most emblematic sports cars is stimulated not only by the weak sales of the 370Z. Nissan currently needs a dependable model to compete with Supra, which Toyota recently revives after being dormant for more than two decades. Toyota’s revival of the legendary sports car will likely stimulate other makers to revive theirs. Nissan is definitely not an exception.

Many believe that the 2024 Nissan 400Z is the best contender for Supra and other sports cars to be released early in this decade, including Chevy Corvette, BMW M3, and other American and European sports cars.

What The Spy Shots Reveal

The speculations regarding the release of the future Z-car arise after the revelation of spy shots at the Nürburgring Circuit. The shots reveal Nissan’s newest sports car model with a design that is typical of the company’s prized Z-car series. Nissan remains secretive about its future Z-car, and the 400Z designation is a pure prediction that continues to be clouded by speculations.

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The Spy Shots Design

The very reason for the assumption that the captured photos would be the next-gen Z-car is the design. For the fans of Nissan’s Z-car series, the sleek design that appears on the photos looks very familiar, with only minor changes that give the car futuristic aesthetics.

These changes include a square mouth and round headlights at the front and retro taillights on the rear side. This car’s design philosophy seems to imply that it will revive the glory of Nissan’s legendary sports car by enhancing it with futuristic elements.

We will see what these futuristic elements mean in the interior section below.

The spy shots also reveal that the future Z-car would have a hardtop. When first released in 2008, the current Z-car was also available only as a hardtop model; however, the Roadster version followed after years. We certainly expect that a convertible version of the 400Z is available soon after the hardtop coupe release.

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2024 Nissan 400Z Interior

The interior of the current Z-car desperately needs a futuristic touch. Many believe that poor interior enhancement becomes the primary reason for the car’s poor sales within the last few years.

Because the 2024 Nissan 400Z is expected to compete with the feature-laden Toyota Supra, we can expect to see massive modernization and revamping in the 400Z’s interior, especially in the infotainment department, which the current 370Z model lacks.

2024 Nissan 400Z Specs

The 2024 Nissan 400Z– when finally released– will have to compete not only with Supra and other sports cars of the same class. It will also find stringent competition from its fellow Nissan sibling, the GT-R.

For this reason, we can expect that at least the same twin-turbocharged V6 engine be present under the 400Z’s hood, though the engine might not be as powerful as that of the GT-R.

With its V6 engine, the 400Z should generate 300 horsepower compared with the GT-R’s 565 horsepower. This powerful engine is expected to be paired with the standard six-speed manual transmission or the optional seven-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Nissan 400Z Price

We can easily conclude that the car’s price is as obscure as everything about it, we can estimate it based on the current 370Z model’s price, which starts at around $40,000.

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With improvements expected in the car’s exterior and performance and massive revamping especially needed in the car’s interior, we can expect a much higher price tag by its release time.

In terms of price, the next Z-car would be in the same category as other luxury sports cars on the market.