2024 GMC Yukon Redesign, Price, Release Date & News

2024 GMC Yukon Redesign, Price, Release Date & News. 2024 GMC Yukon remains to be one of the most awaited vehicles nowadays. Scheduled to hit the market in summer 2024, we have already known many things about this new SUV. On paper, it is safe to say that the all-new Yukon offers such a great impression.

2024 GMC Yukon Engine Specs & Performance

Under the hood, the 2024 Yukon offers three different engines, including the standard 5.3 L V8 engine. You can also expect a 6.2 L V8 engine capable of producing 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of power torque. The most interesting one will be the 3.0 L inline-six cylinder turbodiesel engine.

2024 GMC Yukon Redesign

An engine with an advanced fuel-economy will be available on the 2024 Yukon. We can not mention exact pricing since the manufacturer hasn’t revealed it. What we can confirm right now is that the engines of the 2024 GMC Yukon diesel will be paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

When it comes to the Yukon’s higher trim level, the Denali, a 6.2 L V8 engine, will come standard. If you opt for a four-wheel-drive instead of a rear-wheel-drive on all trim levels, an extra cost of $3000 will be charged.

2024 GMC Yukon Powertrain

The off-road AT4 trim will come standard with the four-wheel-drive system. This new model offered by the Yukon focuses more on rightful off-road capabilities. The new AT4 model features include selectable terrain modes, all-terrain tires, heated steering wheel, and underbody skid plates.

2024 GMC Yukon Redesign & Changes

The manufacturer seems to aim for blending refinement, luxury, and technology in this upcoming GMC Yukon. Representing the fifth generation of the GMC Yukon’s history, the 2024 model offers five-passenger full-size design with more volume, luxury, utility, and refinement. That’s why it becomes far more notable than its predecessors.

2024 GMC Yukon Drivetrain

The 2024 Yukon has a longer size and wheelbase compared to its previous models. Its cargo capacity has been improved as well to 25.5 cubic feet. When it comes to the bigger XL version, its wheelbase is now 4.1 inches larger than the previous model year.

Once going on sale next summer, the 2024 GMC Yukon diesel will be one of the possible options you can purchase. The 2024 Yukon can be one of the best choices out there if you expect a fuel-efficient diesel engine.

2024 GMC Yukon Spy Photos

New Yukon Interior And Features

How is the interior of this new Yukon? This new Yukon will offer a bigger interior and larger footprint compared to its predecessors. The design is expected to be much bolder and more luxurious than the other GMC SUVs as well.

2024 GMC Yukon Interior Capacity with 7 Seat Passenger

It’s supposed to come with a nicer interior and premium packages if you take the top-tier trim Denali into account. You can enjoy some premium equipment, including an air suspension, rear-seat entertainment screens, and a panoramic sunroof. A completely-loaded 2024 GMC Yukon interior will definitely create such a different driving experience.

The 2024 Yukon Denali gets advanced materials on its unique interior as well. You can also find an updated camera system with nine views, such as a transparent trailer view and an unobstructed mirror projection. A 15″ head-up display will be available in the Yukon Denali too.

2024 Yukon Exterior And Configurations

The 2024 GMC Yukon exterior is considered bolder than ever. Along with class-leading technology and high-quality materials, the new Yukon will be outstanding among the other cars on the road. The AT4 model will come with exclusive 20″ Goodyear all-terrain tires that have advanced traction.

Meanwhile, 22″ wheels are available for the top-trim Denali, offering notable features on its exterior. For your information, the upcoming Yukon will be available in several trim levels, including SLE, SLT, and Denali. Plus, you will also find the newest Yukon AT4 on the trim list.

Advanced safety features are also available in the 2024 Yukon. A blind-spot monitor is one of the safety features to be expected from the upcoming Yukon. This feature can help you deal with the added length when utilizing the new Yukon as a towed trailer.

Considering the 2024 GMC Yukon price, this car is supposed to be better in many points compared to its predecessors. When it comes to the truck-based rear suspension, the previous Yukon loses some points from the new Yukon that is now upgraded.

When the 2024 Yukon has already been armed with up-to-date infotainment features, the 2024 model aims for more advanced features with upgraded technologies. The bad news is that the more advanced technologies may be found on higher trim levels only.

Is it worth considering the previous 2024 Yukon right now? The answer may differ from one person to another since both 2024, and 2024 Yukon are great. We can say that the 2024 Yukon offers stronger engines and tow capability, but the 2024 model offers better overall packaging.

2024 GMC Yukon Release Date, Price & Lease Deals

This GMC SUV remains to be one of the most premium vehicles on the market. When it comes to price, the latest Yukon retains its higher position among other cars in GM’s full-size SUV levels. The price is around $1,700 higher than the 2024 Suburban and Chevy Tahoe.

The 2024 Yukon is only $100 more costly when being compared to its predecessors. The difference will be much higher when we take the base SLE model into account. The SLE that comes with a 5.3 L V6 engine should start at $51,995.

The 2024 GMC Yukon AT4 that is designed for off-road purposes, will cost $66,096. And if you want to get the Yukon XL AT4, the cost will be$68,795. The Yukon’s highest hierarchy will still be held by the Denali that will start at $69,695.

In case those prices are too much for you, consider purchasing the 2024 GMC Yukon AT4 by searching for the best lease deals once the car hits the market. We can not deny that leasing has been a popular way to get your favorite vehicle at a more reasonable price.

In conclusion, 2024 Yukon is worth to be waited for considering the number of updates and adjustments applied. If you are looking for a powerful car with spacious cargo, the 2024 Yukon is indeed a good choice. Now, let’s wait for the 2024 GMC Yukon to hit the market soon.

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