2024 Kia Sedona Release Date, Price, and News

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2024 Kia Sedona Release Date, Price, and News. You would discover a lot new in the 2024 Kia Sedona if you thought the previous Kia Sedona was extraordinary. Since its inception, Kia Sedona has caught many people’s attention, and you will find many new things in Sedona 2024.

The New Sedona feature is a redesign of the car into like an SUV. This redesign makes this minivan much longer and wider than before. The passenger seat in the rear row becomes wider, which affects the cargo storage area, which is automatically wider as well. Like other cars, entertainment on Kia Sedona is also supportive of all platforms, making it easy to access anywhere.

Engine Specs & Performance

Performance is also essential in the car. No matter how good the car’s infotainment and design, if the car doesn’t have a good performance, it will feel incomplete.

This performance is supported by the quality of the engine and good transmission. The current Sedona series has clouded the use of the 3.3-liter engine.

This should be upgraded in Sedona 2024 as Sedona’s latest advantage, even though there is not much information about engine performance. Because it follows market needs, Sedona’s performance always changes from series to series. It is expected that the Sedona 2024 will upgrade in terms of car performance as most people want.

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In terms of fuel, efficiency will be better than the series that are already on the market. This will make the performance of Sedona 2024 perfect. This is because efficiency is the main benchmark among other Minivan. With these improvements, the 2024 Kia Sedona will become an all-new carnival with many advantages.

2024 Kia Sedona Exterior Style

Sedona 2024 will not change their doors’ design; Sedona sliding doors still be the one advantage of this MPV so that access for rear passengers will be easy. The boxy design makes this car look much more masculine. A chrome grille on the front end supports this elegant appearance.

This design is exciting because it is different from the usual design. Following the trend for the next two years, namely LED daytime running lights that are distinctive in New Kia Sedona’s style.

For design, you will get all the best in terms of the design of an SUV. Based on the images released, Sedona 2024 changed a lot of designs and made them much better.

2024 Kia Sedona Dimensions

The side view of this MPV looks much sturdier and thanks to the wide wheels. The contrast color of Pillar C makes this flagship MPV from Kia look unique compared to other MPVs. If you are a Car lover with a minimalist dashboard, the New Sedona will make you happy.

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Based on the information released, Sedona 2024 makes many parties interested in all the advantages that have been upgraded. Even though some designs have been upgraded, you will still immediately know that this latest SUV is the Kia Sedona; this is because the same character is still used.


Just like anything else, infotainment is a must-have and can be relied on in a car. The screen in 2024 Kia Sedona is a type of screen with a large size and a touch screen. Screen sizes between 7 and 8 inches are used by other cars, and it makes KIA innovate with a screen that is free to stand by 12.3 inches.

Although there are no further details, the 2024 Kia Sedona has the possibility that Apple and Android Auto will work well to make it easier for drivers to get entertainment in the car. The infotainment on Sedona 2024 looks to prioritize driver comfort based on existing design and access.

Apart from the incredible infotainment features, there is a Rear Passenger View and Talk feature.

This feature will check the rear seat passengers with a small camera connected to the infotainment system. If you bring a vulnerable family such as children and parents, very multifunctional.

To facilitate existing doors’ function, the Kia minivan uses a one-button feature to open and close sliding and rear doors. Sedona 2024 pays attention to comfort, so this feature was created and made it easier to use the impressive Sedona 2024.

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2024 Kia Sedona Release Date & Price

When the 2024 Kia Sedona will be available in the market, KIA has not provided clear information about. They just said they would follow the development of the global automotive market.

When it becomes available in the market, we expect Sedona’s price to be similar to the one currently available, around $32,000.